Hit the Mark
with e-Shot

American-made, ideal for police & military training, and recreational shooting

Electronic Shooting Targets Around
the Globe

Smart target systems is a research and manufacturing company, creator of e-Shot, a revolutionary hard surface electronic target for shooters and professionals demanding the ultimate live-fire training experience.

Our long-range electronic target comes with patented technology and can be used by police, in military training, and for any career/hobby with shooting weaponry. We have been selling our products worldwide since 2016.

Smart Sensing Technology

Our patented e-Shot technology allows us to locate impacts on a hard surface and provide the shooter with real-time feedback on their point of impact as well as split times and energy dissipation.


  • Self-Contained
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Precise
  • Rugged Construction
  • For Outdoor & Indoor Use

One-of-a-Kind Target Technology

There is no other organization that has tried creating this kind of target technology. Go E-Shot has successfully incorporated it into its target systems. The science behind it is way superior to what is currently being used by our competitors. These electronic targets are self-contained and rugged as well. The target works up to a mile, which also makes it a unique aspect in itself.

Our products are made in the USA and available at affordable prices. Please contact us to learn more about your requirements, and we will provide you with the best system based on your requirements.

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