Hit the Mark
with e-Shot

Shooting target, ideal for police, military training, & recreational sports.

"Every shot matters."

Electronic Shooting Targets Around
the Globe

Smart target systems is a research and manufacturing company, creator of e-Shot, a revolutionary hard surface electronic target for shooters and professionals demanding the ultimate live-fire training experience.

Our long-range electronic target is intended to be used by police, military training, and serious shooters who value the importance of tracking their marksmanship.

Smart Sensing Technology

Our patented e-Shot technology allows us to locate impacts on a hard surface and provide the shooter with real-time feedback on their point of impact, split times, and impact energy.


  • Self-Contained
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Precise
  • Rugged Construction
  • For Outdoor & Indoor Use

One-of-a-Kind Target Technology

 e-Shot has successfully accomplished the challenge of adding electronics to steel targets.

 Developed in our R&D facilities in Houston TX. e-Shot targets are self-contained, durable, and intended for use with most commercially available rounds from .22LR to NATO 5.56, and all Handgun rounds.

 The target configuration can be: point to point, our multiple targets to one server with ranging distances from 20 yds to 1.0 mile.

 Please contact us to learn more about your requirements, and we will advise you with the best system based on your specific needs.

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